Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Maybe a Christmas card?

Well we had a great Thanksgiving and much to be thankful for this year once again. We have added 2 more grandkids to my parents Christmas card. Here are a few they have to choose from! (Actually mine don't make the cut-there were others that were way better) But here is a few I took that I thought were more funny than usual. In the first one the big kids are saying "are we done yet?" and the parents are saying "no fake smiles please". And in the second, my personal favorite, is my youngest with his finger in his nose(his new obsession)! Don't think either of these made the cut but they were too funny not to share!

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Jess said...

I love pictures like that! After you add a couple of little ones in the mix you pretty much have to be happy with a picture where everyone's at least looking at the camera! Our Christmas card picture this year is hilarious because everyone is making a different face but we're at least all in the picture. The kiddos are so cute! I can't believe how everyone has grown!