Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bike Day

Well the boys found a new favorite thing to do before it got really cold. Carson has loved riding his bike for a long time. We were at Daniels' work one day and Carson saw him ride off on a bike and he said the most funny thing. He said, "Hey mom, look there goes daddy on a bike! I didn't know he could ride a bike!" So for Daniels birthday we got him a bike he had been looking at for a long time. Every night they were going on bike rides and staying gone for long periods of time and Carson would come back and tell me they had gone on an adventure and it was so much fun! He loves that daddy has a bike now! After Daniel got really comfortable riding his bike he decided it was time to add another 30+ lbs to the bike.....

so here is the new addition.... is he not the cutest 2 1/2 year old or what?

Cameron loves to ride with the boys and now it is really hard to leave for that adventure without him!


Melodie said...

cute! we need a bike seat. holden would love it!

What's Going On... said...

so fun!! We'll have to all go together sometime if I ever get jackson off the training wheels!!