Friday, February 29, 2008

Cameron's First Word

Well he did it! He said his first word. Anyone want to guess? Yes, it was DaDa. Now he won't stop saying it. He knows what he is saying too. When Daniel walks in the room and you say where is DaDa he looks right at him. Last night at dinner, Cameron kept saying it over and over and Daniel kept looking at him and saying "what?" and Cameron would just laugh or smile real big. I can't believe my baby is starting to talk. It is very sad for me being that this is my last one. They really do grow up fast. Oh yeah and not to mention Carson starts T-ball tonight. It is his first practice and he has his bat bag all ready to go. Now that one is even harder to swallow. It seems he is still my baby. I look at everything Cameron is doing and am remembering when Carson was that little doing all of it and now look. Time flies when you are having fun!!! Love being a mom of 2 boys!!

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Melodie said...

he is becoming a big boy! can't wait to see him again.